white_iris_down (white_iris_down) wrote,

guy quest or quest for my inner guy

50 girly manly questions...answer them with the truth.

What color is your car?
Red with a manly grey leather wheel cover, arrr

Do you bathe everyday?
Bathing is for pansies! I slap water at myself if I have to. Next thing you ask me if I use a louffa.

Do you worry about done-ness of your steak?
Not really, if I stick a fork in it and it doesn't moo - I'm good. The redder the better!

What's your favorite manly magazine?:
JED - Military magazine; good for passing time while you're redeploying troops (ya know what I mean?)

Would you kill?
Yes, and often - that's what the Lysol's for. Die alien invaders :D

Ninjas or pirates?
Sure, if you really think it's necessary to kill pirates and ninjas and pirates I'm game. God Save the Queen and all that Imperial jam.

Do you belch the alphabet?
My belcher is broken

Did you ever spend more than ten minutes getting dressed to take a girl out?
I don't hit girls - or contract to have girls hit - and you can wear anything you want in the mafia...

Did you ever cry during an elaborate action sequence?
I don't cry at movies

Do you ever leave the house with no idea of where you're going?
Nope. "I think I will go out" is an idea.

What's your favorite cut of beef?
Loin. or prime rib rare.

On a scale of 1-10, how fun is grilling?
George Forman is a perfect 10

Are you rugged?
ONly in the mornings before I brush my teeth.

Do you think Ford is the best?
Well, he doesn't monopolize my time.

Do you freak out if you miss your favorite show?

Do you yell a lot?
I don't have to, my forceful presence and scathing statistics do the amplifying

How long does it take you to get ready in the morning?
too long according to manly stats

Do you wear sweatpants/pajama pants to school/work?
Only when I'm tricking out the student's desks - mwu ha ha

Accessories make the home theater; true or false:
If the accesories are pillows, a couch, and a main squeeze - oh, so true!

Do you like preppy girls?
I find them usually vapid and not sharing my love of raw meat and military culture

Is pink really the best color in the universe for a steak?
Red, Baby!

Knights or Vikings?
Manly, very manly. From experience... I'll take Both! But I'd rather be a Knight (no skifs brands oars, though probably alot of soar butts - from the sadle you see...)

Happily Barbaric - having avoided the tub ;)

Have you ever dressed unlike yourself to impress a girl?
And thus ends this saga of my inner guy dressing to impress my inner girl.

Do you often wish there was something you could change?
I wish for spare change

Superman or Batman?
I have not dated batman - so, Batman! Lets just hope he isn't the B rated, replacement Superheroe of Babe Ruth's favoriate game...

Do you dress up too much for holidays?
Eh, you be the judge

Do you like fire?
Yes, but not as much as Jen

Do you write a lot of war stories?
No, but I create them...

On a scale of 1-10, how much do girls confuse you?
girls confuse me more than guys

What automotive maintenance product could you NOT live without?
Oil, lots of oil, I carry a six pack in my trunk. BYOO that's what I say
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