white_iris_down (white_iris_down) wrote,

Shuffle your player and find your themes...

Opening Credits:-
Flight of the Bumblebee - 5 Browns - well, birds and bees is how we all got here...

Waking Up:
Return to Me - Jennifer Knapp

First Day At School:
Chatananooga Choo Choo - Maxwell Orchestra. mmmmhmmm - now if I have to ask my students where my room is, well, that's a problem. Though, with the zoo I will have the melody is kinda accurate.

Falling In Love:
What's Your Name? - Fats Waller

Fight Song:
One O'Clock Jump - Airforce Airmen of Note. Well, the title is good, but the song is alittle carefree...wonder how that would work on the field of battle...

Breaking Up:
Nothing is Impossible - Jennifer Knapp

Why Don't you Do Right? - Benny G. Oh, so fitting, tell ya the story later.

America - Rag Time. This is the intro song for the immagrants, sung in many different languages as they enter America through Ellis Island with grand fanfare. Mostly Yiddish. I like it but it is short.

Mental Breakdown:
Between You and Me - Relient K (D.C.Talk remix)"wrestling with my conscious" lots o drums and electric guitars.

That Old Black Magic - Airforce. Well that would describe the tarmak. And the tune is ultimately drivable.

Sing, Sing, Sing - Benny G. ROFL Wheeeeee! I have interactive flashbacks

Getting back together:
Lonely Street - NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Though, the saxaphone is kinda seductive, sigh, we can work with that.

Diamond in the Rough - Jennifer Knapp.

Birth of Child:
Shiny Stockings - Airforce. This is a stroll - it sounds very 1950s, if it is this easy I might have 12!

Final Battle:
The Sorcerers Apprentice - very apropo.

Death Scene:
A Lovely Way to Spend an Evening - Sinatra *murphelled giggle*

Funeral Song:
Handful of Keys-Fats Waller Apparently my funeral will be rushed and pretty happy - huh?

End Credits:
On the Sunny Side of the Street - BBC Big Band. Indeed, very happy :)
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