white_iris_down (white_iris_down) wrote,

Strange Dreams

Snday is the day of naps and I had a doozy.

The rebellion against the Order had been ongoing. As I took my visitors around my home the tv recounted how beasts of the field, natural incursions, and those radicals who wanted to turn regular life into Something destructive were summarily mowed down by superior gunfire in the field, normal citizens in the underground subway systems, and effectively made impotent by That which governed. Nobody was concerned with the news, they jst hoped they would not be counted among the crazies who chose to live outside the compounds and the freedoms that we enjoyed. They didn't concern us, but I was curious because I felt like I should be one of the hunted Them. I did not want to be killed, and at the introduction of the ladies who had being growing up under the care of parents, to the gentlemen who we would be working with in our Department before the Ceremony of our full induction into the Order and the bestowing of our own living apartments on us - well,it was not the time to ask about what was outside. My family and I were high ranking. I had been promised to a WarLord but I was free until then - it was a great honor and a promise of security and wealth. None of the others had such prospects and were desperately fishing among the new pool of contestants. I was one of the most popular of the set and could have anything I wanted. I should have been grateful to my parents, but I was beginning to think they were jst as much part of the system as the calendar. I found no nobility, only manipulation: I discovered that the reason I was not concerned about impending marriage (constructed through something like a barter system) was regular hypnosis. The next time one of my parents hypnotized me I maintained my mind. i found out my parents weren't really my parents, they were assigned, they weren't even married - they had been given me and had their own adgendas, which they played ot behind each others back. The man wanted to keep me and barter for something higher - I had a power that they hid from me. Terrified I knew they would never give me my own apartment, they would extend my official childhood years until the date of my marriage.

At the first opportunity, I bolted. There were birds and cats who emerged as I ran. These natural things were not supposed to be in the compound, and I asked them for help as I ran. I knew that maybe some of them had been made implants of the Order, but it was instinct. I found myself able to fly short distances and run speedily through the corridors out into the center of the complex that had an opening to the sky. There were no doors out, and I was on the bottom level. I had to climb. If the police saw me they would shoot, if a citizen saw me, they were under obligation to try and stop me. But the animals had been with me, and it was induction day so everyones attention was elsewhere. I climbed and climbed up the red and blue metal, finding footholds in chainlink, swinging from beige wall hangings meant to destract from the fact you only lived on a level. I narrowly missed suspicious glances but at a high high level, I had to blend in and ask for help doing it: the police had spotted something moving and were making to investigate. I stopped. In front of me were a group of friends eating happy meals at what seemed to be a McDonalds. They were trading the toys, and only moderately surprised to see me. "Are you trying to eskape?" "Please, act like I'm with you. The police will shoot me if they think I am." "You came from where? That is a LONG way up!!!" (I never look down) "I climbed once, but never as far up as you. It was scary!" (I am scared at if I stay, if they find me I am back "in play" or dead) "Is this the top?" "No, no (laugh) it's impossible to get to the top. Why are all these cats around?" "Stay with us, this is really high, we are not like down there" "Come with me, Ive done it you can do it." "I might later, I am going to a wedding I have been persuing"
I continue to climb and make it to an exit - I run out onto the roof with people in persuit, but I make it. I fly a short distance to quit my trail.

The people here are busy working with equiptment. They have no time for spies, there is no celebration. Apparently this is just another step. There are other people who are here and more will come. Again, I am the knowledgeable one, others have not climbed they have just walked across, or hiden on that level for weeks, they did not notice the cats or the birds, they do not know about flying. Clothes must be changed, and the others are mostly indignant or shocked at the thought of having to change in front of each other - ironic considering the promiscuity of the society. "we must get the Eyes off you" I am clothed in a corse greyish white tunic which has no eyes. Any clothes I had may be compliments of the man who had wanted to hide me from Induction which would take me out of his control and thus the clothes were void of any tracking device. I might have developed the clothes on the way up, I don't know how much clothes I escaped with, and I have a distinct feeling I sluffed some off on the way up as well. I begin explaining reasonage and building confidence that this is the right place to be. I remember I have a string of pearls on, I rip it off and hurl it away to show that I was aggressive about joining the outsiders. The person who had been having the wedding actually joined us - it was the only time she could actually get away, the only time she had private time before she transfered from one person to another and so she had run in her wedding dress.

We finally were altogether on a couch, and all of a sudden it was a reality show, only not. People from the Outsiders had been killed so they needed more characters and we were being introduced to the old core group as the new characters. I was shakey at being a character, did they not know what I had run from? Were we expected to die as well? Yes we would be eskaping, fighting, and dieing - but a reality show? Where was I to go from there? Maybe this was documentation... Either way I woke up with a start.
What does it mean?
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